Naturist explains why she gets her kit off to garden

Wendy Lowe caused a stir during her segment on The AM Show on Friday as she appeared fully naked, with only some well-placed objects keeping Three from breaking broadcast standards at 7am.

It was all to promote National Nude Gardening Day, which will take place on Saturday, October 26 as part of National Gardening Week.

Lowe, the president of the New Zealand Naturist Federation, told The AM Show naked gardening day is a worldwide celebration, but we run things a bit differently to the Northern Hemisphere.

"Nude gardening day actually started in the Northern Hemisphere in May, the first Saturday in May. We decided here in New Zealand that it's actually still a bit cold, so we moved ours to this end of the year."

This year the theme is flowers for bees and butterflies. Lowe said there will be people across the country taking part, either in groups or alone in the privacy of their gardens.

She thinks it's more fun to get naked together than alone though.

"It's not about being naked in front of other people, it's about being naked and enjoying where you are.

"The fact there are other likeminded people with you, it creates a sense of community. It's not an exhibition thing at all."

She's hopeful people give it a try and get out of the mindset that all outdoor activities need to be done wearing clothes.

"It's very liberating. It feels great to get back to nature with nothing between you and the soil. Just your bare skin, the wind and the sun on you. It's very nice."

Yates, the sponsor of National Gardening Week, does advise against doing some specific activities while gardening naked though.

"Perhaps don't plant roses or re-pot your cacti, be careful with power tools and don't forget to protect your delicate bits with sunscreen," Yates spokesperson Fiona Arthur said in a statement.

"Other than that, your garden is your glory."