UK woman's shocking craft glitter and kebab sticks cake labelled 'disaster'

An outraged UK mother has shared pictures of her daughter's wedding cake "disaster" after it arrived lopsided and held up with kebab sticks.

Sharing the wedding cake horror on Facebook, Scottish woman Lorraine Gaynor says her daughter Gemma wanted a three-tiered, lilac creation for her big day. They chose a local cake maker after admiring her designs shared on social media.

But when the lopsided £160 (NZ$320) wedding cake turned up the day before the wedding, it's fair to say it looked nothing like the picture.

Writing on Facebook, Lorraine said: "This was supposed to be my daughter's wedding cake. Craft glitter, kebab sticks and cost a lot of money (sic)."

A UK woman's shocking craft glitter and kebab sticks cake has been labelled 'disaster'.
The cake in reality vs what was promised. Photo credit: Facebook

Instead of a tall, sparkly, pastel cake, the sad-looking pudding had a bright purple top layer, cream middle and electric pink base. It was leaning on an angle and had been sprinkled with arts and crafts glitter instead of edible decorations.

According to screenshots taken by the Daily Mail, commenters on the post couldn't believe the comparison between what was promised, and what turned up.

"Oh my god! This is awful! How can someone actually do this to someone on their wedding day! Absolutely disgusting," one person wrote. 

"FFS that's atrocious," wrote another shocked friend.

On Monday, Lorraine wrote that she had taken the post about her daughter's wedding cake "disaster" down as "she's very upset and it can't be changed".

"She and her husband would like to thank everyone for your support and heart-filled messages, thank you, they had a fantastic wedding," she added.

The cake maker has reportedly now deleted her Facebook page.