Inside the launch party of the Satisfyer Pro 2, New Zealand's most popular sex toy

The Satisfyer Pro 2
Our reporter took a peek behind the curtain. Photo credit: Adult Toy Megastore.

You've probably heard of The Satisfyer Pro 2: The sex toy taking the world by storm, with anecdotes of orgasms so powerful women are almost worried for their safety.

It's also the sex toy so incredible it got its own launch party.

I have never set foot in a sex shop and the idea of going to an event dedicated to a vibrator was a little daunting - but I needed to know what the hype was about. 

And what's the point of being a journalist if you don't put yourself in situations that make you at least a little uncomfortable?

At a little bar on Wellington's Courtney Place, music was pumping and women were shoulder to shoulder. 

On the table was a range of colourful sex toys.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 range
The full Satisfyer range lined up. Photo credit: Newshub.

I was immediately escorted over to the jaunty display and shown what these bad boys can do.

The Satisfyer Pro 2, tonight's honoured guest, was handed straight over to me "to test".

My face must have betrayed my thrill of panic because the saleswoman quickly clarified "on your finger!"

She placed the toy on the tip of my finger and immediately I could feel what the fuss was about.

"So that's level two - and it has 12 settings," she told me.

"Most people don't get past level three, cause in a few seconds it's all over."

The Satisfyer Pro 2 looks a bit like one of those things the doctor uses to look in your ears, but instead it's rose gold and you wouldn't want your doctor to use it on you - probably.

It uses 'pressure wave stimulation' to create a pulsing sensation around your clitoris, and it's selling like hotcakes.

The Satisfyer Pro 2
The Satisfyer Pro 2. Photo credit:

Nicola Relph, owner of online shop Adult Toy Megastore, told me there are currently 10,000 of these vibrators being shipped across New Zealand, with more orders anticipated. 

I couldn't understand how one toy could be so wildly popular.

"It can be really difficult to have an orgasm, and we all know it's really good for our mental health and our physical health to have them. And now you make that so easy!" one of the attendees told me.

"It's completely different to anything you've ever tried," she continued.

"You literally jump in the shower in the morning and it takes 20 seconds. Like right, I've had my coffee, I've brushed my teeth, I've had my orgasm. Let's go."

Soon, an announcement came over the speaker saying there was going to be a "demo" of the Satisfyer Pro if we wanted to go and see.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A demo? Of a sex toy? Is that…allowed?

Turns out it was.

Using a pink balloon for a clitoris, and volunteers as labia, the event manager used the art of theatre to show exactly how the Satisfyer satisfies. 

Times certainly have changed in the sex toy industry. It's now easier than ever to purchase toys and no one will ever know you've done it.

"You remember those sex toy parties in the 90s?" one woman asked me.

I didn't, seeing as in the 90s I was l still learning to walk, but she filled me in.

"It used to be like…you'd be brought into some room and some weird woman you didn't know would rub lube on your hand," she continued.

Relph backed this up.

"It used to be so creepy and so weird, but it doesn't have to be like that at all. It's not like that anymore," she told me while giving me a reassuring pat on the arm.

Adult Toy Megastore delivers across New Zealand - and if you're in Wellington you can get your toys in under an hour, Relphs told the eager crowd.

No creepy strangers, no lubricated palms, and packaging so discrete you can get them delivered to work.

Usually, just the word "masturbation" is enough to make me hot around the collar - and not in a sexy way. More in a "my face is on fire and I wish the earth would swallow me," kind of way.

But there was none of that here.

There was just a room packed with joyous women, expressing their sexuality and treating themselves to the best vibrators money can buy.

And it wasn't uncomfortable - everyone was more than happy to talk to me about vibrators, sex, squirting and all of the other things which are usually pushed down to avoid making others uncomfortable.

In the words of one of the attendees: "Everyone does it, so why not do it the best way you can?"