Mum says hand-drawn flowchart for a stress-free Christmas 'saved her'

As we move into the festive season, it's fair to say social events start to ramp up, even before work starts winding down. This means if you're anything like me, you're probably burning the candle at both ends. 

There are all the various Christmas parties, after-work drinks, last-minute catch-ups that 'must' be done before the year is out; plus of course trying to fit in that spin class, get the washing done and maybe get a tiny bit of sleep. 

It's enough to drive anyone crazy, and indeed there was a vital moment over the weekend where I realised I hadn't had a night in at home for over two weeks. 

So how do you keep it together? One parenting writer claims she's found the trick. 

Writing for Mamamia, Nama Winston has revealed a 'simple yes/no' flowchart she uses to stay sane at Christmas. 

Winston says she's a "chronic 'yes' person", and claims the hand-drawn chart "literally saved" her last year. 

She points out that saying yes to a million things brings its own load of stress, including "being on time, working out where we were going, ensuring we had all the gifts/wine we needed to take, and bringing my sparkle constantly for the whole day".

To use Winston's flowchart: When considering an activity or event, ask yourself if it is directly for your personal benefit? If yes, do it. If not, ask yourself if it is for someone who would do the same for you. If no, don't do it.

flowchart for handling Christmas stress
The handy flowchart. Photo credit: Nama Winston via. Mamamia.

The flowchart continues on and could be very, very helpful for sorting the unnecessary, chore-like events with the ones you should actually be giving your energy to.

I'm already putting it in place. The long-overdue Christmas catchup with school friends next month, I will be going to. Countless PR events talking to people I don't know? Probably not.