Samoa measles crisis: Australian anti-vax blogger Taylor Winterstein slammed for comparing vaccination campaign to Nazi Germany

An Australia anti-vax blogger has been blasted for "scaremongering" as Samoa battles an emergency measles outbreak.

Despite 32 people, mostly children, dying in the outbreak so far, Taylor Winterstein continues to take to social media with views claiming parents are bullied into vaccinating children.

She earlier posted to Instagram saying Samoa was turning into "Nazi Germany".

Winterstein, married to NRL player Frank Winterstein, claims parents in Samoa who don't want their children injected with the "toxic MMR" vaccine are "literally hiding in their homes".

Instagram users have described her comments as scaremongering.

"Where is your proof? Because centres, clinics and church halls are packed with parents wanting their kids vaxx?" [sic] one commenter claiming to live in Samoa said.

"Total scaremongering," another wrote. "Stop spreading false information just to get likes."

Winterstein has previously posted on social media saying neither of her sons are vaccinated.

In a more recent Instagram post on Tuesday she said, "vaccines ARE NOT safe and effective for everyone".


Almost 2500 cases have been confirmed in the Samoa measles crisis.

Dr Nikki Turner from the Immunisation Advisory Centre said Samoa's low immunisation rates are a direct cause for the crisis. 

"This is an international emergency and more should be done," she told Newshub on Tuesday.

So far, 766 patients have been admitted to hospital since the outbreak began, with 558 discharged.

Since the start of the Samoa Mass Vaccination Campaign on November 20, 24,000 individuals have been vaccinated. The population of the island nation is just less than 200,000.

Some of the hospitals are running at 200-300 percent capacity due to the crisis, Dr Scott Wilson told Newshub on Monday.