Incredible video shows how to wrap a present when you cut the wrapping paper too short

It's one of the most frustrating parts of Christmas: You've picked the perfect present for your loved one, paid an extortionate amount for it, lugged it home, started wrapping and... you've cut the wrapping paper too short. 

But thanks to social media, we appear to have the solution. A woman has shared her incredible wrapping hack, and people are saying it's "saved Christmas". 

In a video which has been viewed 2 million times on app TikTok, 'Miss Dee Panda' shows how she initially cut the paper too short for a small box she was trying to wrap. 

This is the part where I would normally scrunch the wrapping paper up in frustration, throw it aside, and contribute, in my own small way, to climate change. 

But instead, the anonymous Christmas elf moves the present into the middle of the paper, folding down the corners so they meet in the middle, and sticking tape as she goes. 

Impressed social media user Em shared the video on Twitter, where it's racked up a further 7 million views. 

"Okay but really my mind was BLOWN," she captioned the video. "RT to save a life this Christmas."

Thousands of grateful commenters expressed they'd be taking their newfound skills home to their own piles of gifts this year. 

"Wow, so all that paper I wasted and I could have done this," wrote an impressed commenter. 

"Watching this made me so mad at all the ugly [little] strips I cut to cover the middle part instead of just doing this," wrote another. 

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