UK parents wrap entire kitchen in Christmas wrapping paper as 'Elf on the Shelf' prank

kitchen wrapped in Christmas paper
The couple's son was in shock when he saw the scene the next morning. Photo credit: Caters.

What started as an 'Elf on the Shelf' prank turned into grounds for divorce for one UK mother, after she and her husband wrapped their entire kitchen in Christmas paper. 

Nichola Mullen-King says she assumed her husband Carl was joking when he proposed the idea on Monday evening.

But after putting their son, Max, six, to bed, Nichola walked downstairs to find wrapping paper everywhere and decided to join in with Carl's crazy idea.

“After reading Max a book and putting him to bed, he had started and asked me for a hand."

Two hours and six rolls of paper later, the pair transformed their kitchen.

“I couldn’t stop laughing but we were both panicking in case the noise would wake Max up," Nichola says. "I joked a divorce was on the cards if he continued to tell me to ‘shh’". 

Mullen-King says when their son came down in the morning, the couple blamed the carnage on their "naughty elf". 

“Max’s reaction in the morning was brilliant – he couldn’t believe it!". 

Nichola shared the hilarious photos to Facebook on Monday where they've racked up over 32,000 likes and 45,000 shares. 

According to her post, the fruit, eggs, utensils and even chopping board were all wrapped. 

She says she's since unwrapped the kitchen - which took her 40 minutes - and will use the paper for Christmas presents.


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