US mother outraged at 'unacceptable' class Christmas party note from teacher

children all sharing lunch
The teacher said any children that didn't bring a contribution to the shared lunch, wouldn't be able to eat anything. Photo credit: Getty.

It's one of the most treasured memories many of us have from primary school - that end of year period where the sun is shining, 'classroom pack up' has taken the whole day, and you get to celebrate a tough year of times tables with a big shared classroom party.

Getting to eat fairy bread in your classroom? So exciting!

But one primary school party has been soured for a Mississippi mother named Takaria Scott, who took to Facebook to share the "unacceptable" note her daughter's primary school teacher sent home to parents. 

The note explained that Scott's daughter Sariah had chosen to bring chips or cheese balls to the class Christmas party. So far, pretty unoffensive. 

However, the note came with a bolded message, reading: "My philosophy is: If they don't bring anything, they don't eat anything."

Scott wrote that for the six and seven-year-old children, "this should not be a philosophy". 

"Kids are kids, man. This is definitely not acceptable in my eyes." 

The Facebook post has racked up over 6000 shares and 3000 comments, with many shocked the teacher would enforce such a strict rule when the Christmas holidays are such a tough time for so many families. 

"That's absolutely HORRIBLE!" one person wrote, while another pointed out: "So what happens if the little kid's parents can't afford to buy that, or can't get to the store? The kid is going to suffer and sit there not eating? WOW, that's ridiculous."

Others pointed out so many parents are busy, they might not get a chance to provide food for the party. 

"It's punishing kids whose parents are making ends meet by working 24/7 and so forget or aren't able to be involved in ensuring their kid gets to school with a snack that day. It's humiliating parents who will comply by sending food even though it's too much for them," said one commenter.

"And it's punishing kids who legitimately have abusive parents who wouldn't bother to send them with food!" 

However, others sided with the teacher, saying she shouldn't have to provide for the class out of her own pocket. 

"She just put that on paper to try and get more assistance [because] some of y'all parents refuse to help... sometimes asking nicely doesn't work. This is a fact," wrote one supporter. 

"Don't go about bashing the teacher, I am sure she wouldn't watch her students starve!"

The school eventually responded to the criticism, sending a letter home with students several days later apologising for the incident. 

"I want to assure our families and students that all students will participate and no students will be made to feel uncomfortable if they don't bring refreshments," the letter read. 


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