Internet shocked at Danish kiwifruit pizza

The ham and kiwifruit pizza divided internet users.
The ham and kiwifruit pizza divided internet users. Photo credit: Reddit/nre1313

A Danish pizzeria has left the internet shocked and concerned with a "kiwi pizza".

The pizza is topped with ham and kiwifruit, and was called "an unholy abomination" by an internet user.

A photo of the pizza was posted to Reddit and while the comments were divided, many were keen to have a taste.

"If pineapple goes great on a pizza, then I would not mind tasting pizza with kiwi."

"I don't think it would taste great. But do you know what? I'd give it a try."

But others weren't so excited about the new flavour combination.

"Every day we stray further from what Italians consider a pizza."

"This makes me unreasonably angry."

One person revealed: "And I thought the Swedish banana pizza was bad."

That pizza was topped with chopped bananas and curry powder, and it also drew criticism online.