'Pancake boards' are the newest brunch craze sweeping the world

It turns out 2020 is Year of the Board, if this delicious new brunch craze is anything to go by. 

Pavlova boards were the dessert du jour at Christmas, with home cooks up and down the country serving the 'build your own' platters of meringue and various toppings. 

But you should leave pavlova boards and even your classic cheese board in 2019 - this year, it's all about breakfast. The pancake platter is the latest food fad that is as delicious to look at as it is to eat.

If Instagram is anything to go by, pancake boards have taken off in Australia and it won't be long before they make their way across the ditch to New Zealand.

You can make your own by filling a breadboard or large serving dish with pancakes, spreads, fruit and sprinkles. Use glass jars and ramekins to help separate the ingredients, as well as looking fab. 

You could even add bacon if you were feeling particularly indulgent. 

Foodie Instagrammer Despina Kouris, who runs page 'A Seat Around My Table', shared a picture of her own New Year's Day brunch board, which led to her followers desperately trying their own. 

The best part? You can throw it all on the one dish, meaning there's very little clean-up. 

Elevate your brunch game in 2020.