Toblerone releases popular ice cream in Australia

It's described as having a chocolate honey flavour with nougat.
It's described as having a chocolate honey flavour with nougat. Photo credit: Addicted to Bargains/Facebook.

Iconic chocolate brand Toblerone has released an ice cream in Australia.

The ice cream is being sold at Woolworths for NZ$5.19 and is based on the brand's famous Swiss Toblerone triangular-shaped chocolate bar.

It's described as having a "chocolate honey flavour with nougat and Toblerone pieces coated in milk chocolate".

Many Australians have flooded social media with their response to the news.  

"Bought some yesterday AMAZING," said one person.

"I’m so sick in bed but would be willing to drive to any shop that is selling this ... omg yummm," another wrote on Facebook.

"It's already in Ireland, congratulations Australia on finally getting the Toblerone ice cream," commented another.

The item does not appear to be a limited release. It was released in the UK in 2018.

At the time however, a spokesperson for the company said there were no plans to launch it in New Zealand.

"While we've got no plans to bring Toblerone icecream to New Zealand at this stage, we're always looking at new and interesting products we can offer consumers – both new products developed specifically for Kiwi consumers, and those we have in our global portfolio," the spokesperson told Stuff in February 2018.