Watch: Spotify's new pet playlist tricks Border Collie into thinking his owner is home

There was good news for pet owners this week when Spotify released a playlist specifically to help de-stress animals.

The Swedish music company believes it can help with animal separation anxiety by creating personalised playlists to leave on while you step out.

Users select whether they have a dog, cat, hamster, bird, or iguana. Then, if it's relaxed or energetic? Shy or friendly? Apathetic or curious? 

But does it actually work? Newshub tested whether the playlist really keeps anxiety at bay.

Jack the Border Colle is energetic, friendly, and curious, according to his owner. 

And according to Spotify, he would appreciate some Kendrick Lamar.

Newshub reporter Giles Dexter recruited Jack, with the permission from his owner to put this theory to the test. 

Dexter entered Jack's personality into Spotify and the algorithm created a personalised playlist. 

Once the Border Collie was introduced to Dexter, he set up a camera, turned the playlist on and left Jack for half an hour.

The experiment began with a Harry Styles song, which didn't impress Jack. 

The playlist then switches to Mac DeMarco and then the Local Natives. Jack appears disinterested in both artist's music. 

But, as soon as Bon Iver plays, Jack is filmed instantly sitting up looking alert. 

He then gets off the couch and begins to search for his owner. 

Apparently, Bon Iver means "dad's home."

Although from Jack's reaction to Bon Iver, the music appears to remind him of his owner, possibly increasing separation anxiety.