Horrifying study of over 1000 people reveals 1 in 30 poo in the shower

Debates on different shower habits have split the internet for many a moon. Just recently, there was that adorable one about whether or not people wash their legs in the shower, which was very wholesome.

The Spinoff's Madeleine Chapman recently asked if everyone brushes water off their bodies before they exit the shower - also fun!

Now there's a debate raging online which puts those ones to shame. It's so horrific, it will make you physically recoil and look at everyone around you in fear and disgust. 

UK-based bathroom supplies company QS Bathrooms surveyed customers on their bathroom habits and according to the results, one in 30 people poo in the shower. 

Well, one in 30 people actually admitted it, out of the 1010 British and American people surveyed, which means the actual results may be much, much higher. 

BAthroom statistics
The results of the survey of over 1000 British and American citizens. Photo credit: QS Supplies.

Even more concerning - and brace yourself if you're a fan of a mid-work workout - is that some respondants confessed to defcating while using office showers. 

The shocking statistics prompted Twitter-user Charlotte to ask her followers the same question, and out of the 2000 respondents, over six percent admitted to doing a poo in the shower. 

That's over 100 people, for those of you not quick at maths. Over. One. Hundred. 

Commenters were quick to weigh into the debate, with some questioning the effectiveness of the drains, and others just expressing pure horror. 

"How are the six percent not spending all their time resolving drain issues?" one person questioned. "I could shower for 30 seconds and the plughole would be overwhelmed by my hair so HOW THE HELL are their plumbing systems coping with a turd?!"

"I want you to know this poll has deeply upset me," wrote another. 

Most of us pee in the shower - one in three, in fact, according to the same study. But that is a whole lot more hygienic than number twos, and of course, easier to wash down the drain. 

And call me crazy, but isn't pooing in the shower slightly... counterproductive? 

So, we're sorry, but if you work in an office with at least a few dozen people, look around yourself. Someone there is a secret shower shitter. Who could it be?