Single UK man hires billboard in hope to find a girl

Mark Rofe's billboard.
Mark Rofe's billboard. Photo credit: Mark Rofe/

Tinder and Bumble can be fun - but it’s uncommon to hear of a long-term relationship coming from it.

How are you genuinely meant to stand out and beat the Tinder guy stereotype? 

One sad singleton could have found the answer. 

It’s time to get offline and onto a billboard. 

A desperate, single 30-year-old has brought a billboard in Manchester in the hope of standing out from the crowd and getting a girlfriend. 

Mark Rofe, from Sheffield, has been single for over a year and wasn’t getting lucky on tinder, so decided it was time to invest a little more into his love life and rented a massive roadside billboard. 

The advert says “Single? Date Mark. This could be the sign you've been waiting for." 

It features him lying on his side, looking very cool and hip with his shades on.

According to the Daily Mail, Mark spent over $800 dollars for the 3m by 6m billboard. 

He describes himself as “extremely handsome and modest” on his bio on his website. 

“All my friends are getting married, and I’m struggling to find a date,” says Mark. 

Mark has kissed a total of three girls, according to his ‘facts and stats’ section online. 

He also mentions he has size 10 feet. 

A friend on the site said “This is the most desperate thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another said “Mark, this is a silly idea and it’s never going to work.”


He has had over 60 applications already, so be quick.