Fake Tom and Jerry essay goes viral, fools internet

The student wrote about Tom and Jerry instead of Tom from The Great Gatsby.
The student wrote about Tom and Jerry instead of Tom from The Great Gatsby. Photo credit: Twitter/MrAlexisPereira

A student's English essay that went viral and divided the internet was found to be faked by a comedian.

New York-based comedian Alexis Pereira posted an image to Twitter showing that a "student" had written an essay that wasn't on the assigned topic.

"Teaching my first English course this semester has been rewarding, but I don't know what to do with this student," Pereira's tweet says.

The fake essay is titled "What Exactly Does Tom Want With Jerry?" and is about the two cartoon characters' relationship.

The photo shows the essay was given a D mark, and a comment was added to explain why it was so low.

"This was supposed to be about Tom from The Great Gatsby! The book we are reading!"

The essay begins with: "In the Looney Tunes cinematic universe, many of the cartoon nemeses have a very clear goal.

"Wild Coyote (sic) wants to eat the Roadrunner. Pepe Le Pue (sic) wants to impregnate Penelope. Elmer Fudd wants to shoot Bugs (and who doesn't?).

"But it is unclear what if anything Tom wants to do with Jerry.

"Submitted for the approval of English 101, I propose that Tom actually has no interest in doing anything with Jerry, but instead fulfilling his class role as 'house cat'.

"Heathcliff, Top Cat, Garfield, Sylvester - these are all famous cats, most of them cartoon."

While the tweet has so far racked up more than 122,000 retweets and 737,000 likes, it divided commenters with some suggesting it should've received a much higher grade.

"I think you put the wrong grade there, Professor, I fixed it for you," one person replied, attaching a photo with a bold red A over the original mark.

"I don't believe this is real because this paper deserved at least a B+," another wrote.

The comedian later confessed that the essay was faked as a way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Tom and Jerry.

Speaking to American Comedian, Pereira says he thought the idea of a student who was obsessed with Tom and Jerry would be "hilarious".

"Honestly, one thing I play with is bending reality. I like it when people wonder if something is real because it hits so much harder."

Even though the essay was a joke, many Twitter users were still asking him to "give us the rest of the essay".