Trade Me reveals top 10 listings for 2019

A phallic-shaped kumara, a 60-year-old McDonald's burger bag and a hat possibly belonging to the infamous unruly tourists have been named among the most popular Trade Me market listings of 2019.

Trade Me's Logan Mudge says out of the millions of items sold on the site, it's the weird wonders or ordinary items with extraordinary backstories that take out the most viewed listings of the year.

"Some auctions ignite the imagination of the country, and sometimes even the world, because they're weird, topical or because the seller writes a creative description and commits to being entertaining in the Q&A," he says.

Mudge says the most popular Trade Me listing of 2019 was related to one of the biggest news stories of the year: the unruly tourists.

The unruly tourist and his hat.
The unruly tourist and his hat. Photo credit: Trade Me

"Most Kiwis will remember the travelling family who became world-famous after a video emerged of the youngest member swearing at locals in Takapuna while wearing a Bunnings Warehouse hat," he says.

"Not long after the video emerged, a Trade Me member listed an identical Bunnings Warehouse hat that 'may or may not' have belonged to the infamous family. The straw hat had a staggering 192,000 views and the hilarious description warned prospective buyers that the seller 'cannot be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth'."

The hat sold for $1000, with all proceeds being donated to Mercy Hospice.

Unusual produce was also a theme in 2019 with a phallic kumara and a potato in the shape of the male reproductive system collecting a huge number of views and interest.

The kumara.
The kumara. Photo credit: Trade Me

"A 'veraciously virile kumara' had 88,000 views and came in third on our list while a 'penis-shaped potato' snuck in at number seven with 57,000 views," Mudge says.

The top 10 Trade Me listings of the year:

  1. Traveling hat - 192,006 views

  2. Private jet - 96,686 views 

  3. Veraciously Virile Kumara - 88,507 views

  4. Pak n’ Save discontinued single use plastic bag - 82,129 views

  5. THAT F*****G DRESS - 67,371 views

  6. Ride-on lawnmower - 61,674 views

  7. Penis-shaped potato - 57,312 views

  8. 1955 First McDonalds paper bag - 57,014 views

  9. World’s tallest ever L&P bottle - 48,992 views 

  10. Iconic Big Fresh characters - 45,550 views