UK woman mocks unintentionally X-rated online dress purchase

Courtney Henderson's dress fitted very differently to the one shown on the website.
Courtney Henderson's dress fitted very differently to the one shown on the website. Photo credit: Courtney Henderson; Dressmezee

This article was first published in February 2020.

A British woman has revealed the harsh realities of online shopping after a dress she bought from an online retailer left her practically naked. 

Courtney Henderson decided to treat herself to a new birthday outfit from fashion retailer Dressmezee, where the dress was modeled to have a low V-neckline and figure-hugging cutouts around the waist - super cute and super trendy. 

But she got a lot less than she bargained for.

When the saleswoman from Newcastle tried on her NZ$130 purchase, she discovered it completely exposed her breasts. 

Henderson sarcastically thanked Dressmezee for the unwanted X-rated dress in a post on Twitter last week.

"Dressmezee sorted me right out with this little belta, fits like a dream," she wrote. 

She included the photo of the model from the website and the contrasting photo of her in it - boobs hanging out and all. 

The post, which has over 31,000 likes, has got a lot of people laughing.

"Now you're taking underboob to another level," replied a follower.

"Courtney, hahahaha I'm creasing," said another

"I just spat coffee out everywhere. I am in f***ing stitches," another added.

"Don't buy clothes online! A lesson...," said someone probably still living in the 1950s. 

Others advised her not to buy from Dressmezee, claiming it's a rip-off. 

"No no no, why do people spend so much money on these websites, they sell the same stuff that you can find on Ali Express and eBay, it's all knock offs," said a commenter. 

"I swear I literally saw a girl tweet the other day saying she got this exact dress from Ali Express for less than half of what you paid," replied another.

Courtney told The Sun that "there's not that much to say about it".

"Apart from ordering a dress which is clearly made for the smaller breasted in society, which most dresses are these days," she said. 

Dressmezee stood by its 'Ex-Lovers' dress, saying it has been a best-seller. 

"If you check out our tagged images on Instagram you will see we have had many customers who have worn the dress and have been super happy with it," Dressmezee told The Sun

In exchange for the free publicity Henderson gave the online retailer, she received a 25 percent discount off her next purchase. That's if she manages to move past this one!