McDonald's releases small amount of beloved Szechuan sauce to Kiwis

Once again the influence of Rick and Morty can not be underestimated, with the popular cartoon inspiring the return of one of McDonald's most beloved sauces. 

The fast-food giant announced on Tuesday their Szechuan sauce is set to be released for a very limited time, only in New Zealand. 

'90s kids probably remember the sauce's first foray into restaurants to celebrate the US release of Disney's Mulan in 1998. 

Since then, it's become a coveted, limited edition product, with its popularity skyrocketing when it featured on animated TV show Rick and Morty. 

McDonald's releases small amount of beloved Szechuan sauce to Kiwis
Photo credit: Supplied.

According to a McDonald's spokesperson, one US woman traded her 2004 Volkswagen Golf for a packet of the sauce, with another packet selling for US$15,000 on eBay. 

Another couple drove for four hours in the US to try to get their hands on a packet.  

There are only 200,000 packets available around Aotearoa - that's approximately one sauce for every 25 people. 

"We wanted to give Kiwis the chance to try one of the rarest sauces in the world," says McDonald’s New Zealand Managing Director, David Howse.

To mark the special release, Macca's has also launched a 50 piece Chicken McNuggets sharing box - although hardcore nugget fans probably won't be sharing. 

The Szechuan sauce will be available for a limited time nationwide from Wednesday, March 4.