The benefits of working from home during the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown

woman meditating at her desk
You might find yourself making more time for rest and relaxation while working from home. Photo credit: Getty.

With the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown in full swing, most of us are getting used to the 'new normal' of our workday. Some of us have full home office setups, while other colleagues (who will remain nameless) have a carboard box acting as a desk. 

But however you choose to do it, there are actually some pretty major benefits to working from home compared to the standard five-day office working week.

Online job marketplace SEEK has compiled some of the key ways working from home wins out, to help us all make the most of it. 

Better work-life balance 

When much of your time is spent at a workplace - or travelling to and from it - the idea of work-life balance can feel out of reach.

But when work takes place from your home base, it's an opportunity to restore the balance. Less commute time on crowded roads or public transport could mean more time with your family or for leisure - as well as saving on those astronomical parking costs.

There's also the comfort that comes from being in your own space, with your own things, and wearing what you like. Plus it's easier to stay on top of household duties like putting on a load of washing or letting meals cook while you work.

You might find it simpler to schedule in exercise or just take a break by going for a walk around the block. That work-life balance is so important, 92 percent of people feel it would affect their decision to change jobs or careers, according to a SEEK survey. 

Improved productivity

Working in an office or busy workplace can mean having to work around the distractions of a shared space or team. But working remotely gives us the chance to change up our space, schedule, and ways of working.

Depending on your situation, working from home could mean fewer interruptions from colleagues dropping by with gossip or problems, or the rush of people coming and going at peak times. Having said that, you may of course find yourself getting distracted by family or flatmates. Establish working from home boundaries so they can help respect your need for focus at critical times.

You'll also be able to make your workspace comfortable and effective for you - whether that's replicating an office set-up with a swivel chair and desk or opting for your couch.

The way you work could be more streamlined - a meeting might become an email; a long meeting a quick video check-in. There might be more time to plan out and prepare what you need before starting out on a task. 

Your breaks can also involve things you couldn't do at your workplace, like playing an instrument or cuddling your pet. That's more refreshing than sitting in a communal break room.

Increased job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a powerful thing. It can help you be more productive, keep you feeling engaged and motivated, and generally makes teams happier and more effective.

Flexible working arrangements - such as working from home - are considered the top work perk by around 59 percent of employees, according to SEEK research. Those who have them are reportedly more satisfied with their jobs. 

Just be sure to stay connected with your colleagues, take breaks and make the most of your home set-up.