The moment a university lecturer catches student performing sex act under desk caught on microphone

lecture theatre of students at uni
The students can be heard erupting into yells and claps in the background. Photo credit: Getty.

If you need a little relief from all the bad news this month, we understand. But this probably isn't the best way of going about it. 

The incredible moment a lecturer at Sydney's Macquarie University called out a student receiving a handjob during her class has been caught on microphone, thanks to the online learning platform Echo. 

According to the screen record uploaded to Twitter, the students were caught during a LAWS1000 lecture earlier this week. 

"I love all of you, but we need to have a talk right now," the lecturer can be heard saying, after a long pause. 

"I know that precedent is a very sexy topic and I love when my audiences are excited and animated and engaged, dear Lord, but there’s a limit to that. It's the student code of conduct.

"If you like to have special love time with your partner... if you like to spend time with your partner... I'm sure there's an empty cinema somewhere trying to make the movie Cats work, go for your life. 

"But - and this is the second time I'm saying this in my career - no below the belt touching in my lecture theatre please."

The students can be heard erupting in shock, with clapping and yells of "name and shame". 

"I’m not going to name and shame, but just to clarify, this is a mentoring unit so I will give some sort of mentorship here," the lecturer continues. "The strategic placement of the hoodie on the lap only draws the eye more." 

At the end of the clip the lecturer can be heard adding, "I said before I was glad they kept the university open, but now I'm not so sure". 

That's definitely not social distancing in action.