Hilarious Instagram account documents the ridiculous fights couples are having in lockdown

couple fighting in lockdown
Tensions running high? You're not alone. Photo credit: Getty.

As we reach the (hopefully) halfway point of Aotearoa's COVID-19 alert level 4 lockdown, tensions in many bubbles around the country will be running high. 

For those isolating with partners, flatmates and loved ones, little niggles are often turning into big arguments, thanks to being in such close quarters 24/7. 

Now you can share yours with the world, thanks to a hilarious new Instagram account revealing some of the most ludicrous arguments couples are having in lockdown, as they act simultaneously as flatmates, co-workers and lovers. 

The account, full of anonymous and candid confessions of everyday life, started as a tweet from US writer Meg Zukin, who asked the internet to share any relationship drama brought about by the coronavirus outbreak.

It was so successful, she made it into an Instagram page, and 'The Social Distance Project' was born. 

The account has shared more than 100 posts, with even some Kiwi submissions in the mix.

Here are some of our favourite posts: 

"Day three. My boyfriend got so angry at me for drinking a sip of his water that we got into a huge fight and I made him sleep outside in the car."

"My boyfriend has turned me into my nagging mother. 'Jonathan, why are there crumbs on the counter?' 'Jonathan, why are all the cabinets open?' 'Jonathan why are your clothes on the floor?' 'Jonathan, turn the lights off, it's daytime." 

"My fiance is so good at this it's annoying. He's been so productive and such a morale boost - Excellent qualities in a future life partner, but c'mon buddy join me in the hell that is hour 5457 of Gossip Girl."