Horrified Aussie mum finds list of sex positions, toys in 5yo daughter's Frozen Kmart diary

Frozen diary with sex toy list
The Australian mother couldn't believe it when she opened the diary and saw the first page. Photo credit: Facebook.

An Australian mother has issued a warning to other parents, advising them to take a quick look through children's gifts before handing them over. 

Queensland mum-of-three Toni Alamos found a bizarre list of sex toys, sexual positions and house locations in her five-year-old daughter's new Frozen-themed diary, purchased from Kmart. 

Alamos posted a warning on Facebook to "anyone who got the Elsa 'Frozen 2 Secret Diary'". 

"Just be careful! [I] honestly can't believe it!"

Alamos says that her five-year-old daughter was luckily not yet able to read yet, so there were no awkward conversations needed. 

A Kmart spokesperson told The Sun they were "sorry and extremely embarrassed" to hear about Alamos' experience. 

"This does not in any way reflect our views as a family business and we are investigating this situation as a priority with our supplier," the spokesperson said.

"We do hope this is an isolated incident, but have decided to withdraw this item from sale just to be sure." 

The children's diary is not currently listed on the New Zealand Kmart site, but there are other children's diaries for sale.