Aussie dad posts hilarious rant on Facebook after wife buys 'Jurassic-sized trees' for bedroom

man with his wife's massive houseplants
"I should have known when she asked me to 'help lift the plants up the stairs'." Photo credit: Facebook/ @dadmumofficial.

If your house has been feeling a little claustrophobic during lockdown, think of this parenting blogger who has had to share his home with some less-than-welcome guests. 

Aussie dad Brad Kearn documents his life with his wife Sarah and their three young sons on social media and shared a hilarious series of posts this week lamenting the giant plants Sarah has bought into their bedroom. 

"Does anyone else's wife have an issue with getting plants that are a REASONABLE F**KING SIZE for the house?" he captioned a photo of their bed being dwarfed by some giant palm trees.

Warning: Posts below contain language some may find offensive. 

"I should have known when she asked me to 'help lift the plants up the stairs'. I opened the front door to not one but two f**king Jurassic-sized trees.

"She said they were for our bedroom... so yep while y'all sleep peacefully in your warm beds tonight apparently these plants are the only reason I can even 'breathe fresh air' in my house. 

"It's getting ridiculous."

In another video, Kearn begs his wife "no more plants, no more plants" while she laughs. 

The post racked up almost 20,000 likes on Facebook, with many commenters tagging in their fellow plant-loving friends and family. 

Others were shocked at the size of the trees Sarah positioned in their bedroom. 

"[Sarah Kearn] you're completely out of control," wrote one commenter. 

"They are going outside right? Because in a bedroom is beyond ridiculous and you know it," wrote another. 

But Kearn's despair didn't end there, as his wife decided to move the plants out of the bedroom, down the stairs and onto the outside patio - at 11pm. 

"She decided she couldn't sleep and 'we' needed to move them outside," Kearn captioned the second post. "She makes choices like a gambler with a pocket full of mortgage payments.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen. It was a hard-fought argument on my end. And on that note I present to you, my f**king balconforest."