Aussie Instagram influencer Jade Tuncdoruk lashes out at businesses cutting rates due to COVID-19 impact

Aussie Instagram influencer Jade Tuncdoruk
"Personally I wouldn't severe ties with someone who I 'valued' for years," wrote Tuncdoruk. Photo credit: Instagram.

An Australian Instagram influencer has slammed the slashed rates for sponsored posts she's been offered from businesses hurt financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sydney woman Jadé Tuncdoruk has over 440,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts images of high-end brands like Alias Mae, Dior and Chanel. 

According to, Tuncdoruk makes an estimated $1321 to $2202 per sponsored post on her page, where she models bikinis, makeup, activewear and jewellery. 

Last year she became the first influencer to win an E! People's Choice Award for 'Social Star of 2019'. 

But with brands tightening the purse strings due to the impact of the pandemic, Tuncdoruk has become unhappy with the offers she's received. 

"I've collaborated/worked with a few brands over time (a long time) who as of late have asked me to work for much, much less, or for free due to budget cuts - which I understand," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

"However when I've said no - which is in my opinion completely warranted - they have completely written off the relationship."

Jade Tuncdoruk insta story
The Sydney influencer says she was shocked at the complete cutting of ties from businesses she had worked with in the past. Photo credit: Instagram/Jade Tuncdoruk via.

Tuncdoruk said some companies had refused to work with her again for refusing to accept the cheaper deals.

"These are brands I've travelled with and promoted for years who just throw the relationship away because I've refused to work for free," she said.

"I'm very surprised that these organisations are willing to throw relationships down the drain after such a long time.

"Each to their own, but personally I wouldn't severe ties [sic] with someone who I 'valued' for years."

There's no doubt that social media influencers like Tuncdoruk have been hit hard by the impact of coronavirus. Globe-trotting travel bloggers have been confined to their homes thanks to lockdowns and closed borders, while bans on non-essential freight and dramatic revenue reductions have seen companies pull free mailouts. 

Last month Mike Hewitt, managing director of integrated marketing agency Darkhorse, told Newshub that COVID-19 alert level 4 caused significant interruptions for most brands, causing them to pivot pre-planned influencer campaigns and review their business activity.