COVID-19: Why there's been a post-lockdown cosmetic surgery boom

An increase in the use of videoconferencing app Zoom has caused a post-lockdown cosmetic surgery boom.

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic medicine experts say they've seen a significant increase in demand with patients unhappy with their onscreen look.

More online Zoom and FaceTime have had people looking at themselves from a new perspective and it's one they want to change.

"They come and they say you know, 'I've been in conference calls, I'm on zoom, I'm looking at myself and think, my god, is that how I look? I'm not happy with that'," plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Stephen Mills told Newshub.

He said he's a lot busier since lockdown.

"There's been a general increase in all areas but more so probably in the facial aesthetic surgery."

Dr Mills said lockdown has given us more time to think, research, and for some more cash to invest - so it's not just our homes getting a makeover.

Cosmetic medicine doctor Sarah Hart is seeing four times the number of new patients each week after lockdown and it's not just women over 35.

"Men in particular is what I'm seeing because most guys will just look at themselves in the morning to brush their teeth and that's about it," Dr Hart said. "But with these Zoom meetings, men are noticing things on their faces that they would like corrected."

The wrong angle or lighting and angle can leave you looking but there are a few simple things you can do to instantly freshen up your face and it doesn't have to mean going under the knife or the needle.

"Make sure the angle is upwards," Dr Hart said. "You don't want to be looking down into your screen because oh my god that makes a huge difference.

"And the lighting - whether that's a window or whether you get quite fancy and sophisticated and get an LED light, you're wanting the light full on your face rather than from above."