Jacinda Ardern reveals 'unusual' Premier House item in Facebook livestream

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed her penchant for reusing and recycling during a Facebook Live video on Monday.

Ardern shared a quick update on the coming week through her official Facebook page, summarising recent developments in the Government's ongoing COVID-19 response.

Beginning her livestream at Premier House - the Prime Minister's official residence in Thorndon, Wellington - Ardern began by introducing viewers to her dining room.

"Today, beaming in from the dining room table here at Premier House - so pretty stock standard, really. It's just a table, with some of the usual features that usually you find in a family home - chalkboard," Ardern, who is mum to two-year-old Neve, gestured to a child's chalkboard covered in scribbles.

"Probably the one unusual piece of furniture that is here - I'll just share this with you - these are the old Cabinet chairs from back in the day," she continued, moving the camera to focus on one of the red upholstered chairs, printed with the New Zealand Coat of Arms.

Ardern showed off the old Cabinet seats in her Facebook Live.
Ardern showed off the old Cabinet seats in her Facebook Live. Photo credit: Jacinda Ardern / Facebook

"We of course make sure that nothing goes to waste, so they've been recycled and they're now our dining room chairs," she said with a smile.

"Not always the most comfortable, which perhaps back in the day may have kept Cabinet meetings short."

The Prime Minister often uses the social media platform to share updates and developments with her 1.2 million Facebook followers, particularly throughout the COVID-19 crisis. 

Ardern has received praise for her down-to-earth presentation and warm but casual address to viewers, particularly following a jumper-clad Facebook appearance in March. Announcing that she wanted to "check in with everyone", the Prime Minister apologised for her "casual attire", noting she had been busy putting Neve to bed.

"It can be a messy business putting toddlers to bed so I'm not in my work clothes," Ardern said.

In June, Ardern shared a snap of Neve's birthday "piano cake" with her social media fans, acknowledging that "a jar of lentils" was propping up the structurally-unsound dessert.

"Cake making lesson number two - don’t focus on making the cake look in proportion with little to no attention on structural integrity," she captioned the picture.