'So much turmoil': The Young Mummy, Sophie Cachia, reveals why she left 'perfect marriage'

sophie cachia the young mummy
The parenting blogger says she and her ex-husband Jaryd Cachia are still "best friends". Photo credit: Instagram.

One of Instagram's original parenting influencers has revealed why she left her "beautiful" husband for another woman, dubbing the process "a battle". 

Australian mummy blogger Sophie Cachia, otherwise known as The Young Mummy, announced her separation from former AFL player Jaryd Cachia in September last year. 

Cachia gave birth to her first child Bobby when she was 22 years old and is known for sharing the warts-and-all realities of life with children online. 

But in a candid interview to Mia Freeman on Mamamia podcast No Filter this week, Cachia revealed why she stepped away from her marriage and life in the spotlight to pursue a relationship with another woman. 

"I had a beautiful man in my life, I still do. He's an incredible father and an incredible friend to me - but why can't women seek more?" she said.

"That married life I realised wasn't what I wanted. And it wasn't that I realised 'oh I like women now, I'm going to leave my marriage', it wasn't that. I realised I wanted more." 

Cachia is now in a relationship with Alanna Kennedy, a professional soccer player for the Matildas, Australia's national women's soccer team. 

The pair "connected straight away" and began chatting over the phone and social media. 

"In a way, [Kennedy] changed my life in the sense that... obviously I dated women and men but she made me realise I can actually see myself in a relationship with a woman long term and I can see myself having a life there." 

The couple made their relationship public in March this year. 

But Cachia says going through such a monumental life change when you're used to sharing so much of your life online is "such a battle, so much turmoil".

"What is happening with me? What is happening with my marriage? What is happening with my life? What is this going to mean for my kids?" Cachia says she questioned daily. 

"And then to feel like I have to explain that to Instagram followers; it was suffocating."

But in the wake of their split Cachia and her ex-husband have been praised for many for maintaining an amicable relationship.  Earlier this year they were praised by followers as being "co-parenting goals" after Cachia posted a video of them dancing together ahead of their son's birthday. 

Cachia also posts humorous 'dating profiles' for her ex-husband on Instagram. 

She says she and Kennedy intend to spend their life a little more out of the spotlight, but occasionally shares images of the pair online. 


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