UK mum praises builder's kindness towards young son after he helped out

payslip for young boy
The young tradie-in-the-making had his day made by receiving the payslip. Photo credit: Twitter/Getty.

A UK boy has learnt the importance of earning an honest wage from a young age, after a builder doing some work at his family's home gave him a share of the profits. 

Mother-of-two Steph Kemp posted on Twitter a picture of the payslip, given to her six-year-old. 

"We have just had our patio done and my [son] has loved going out and helping the builder, so it made his day to receive this," she captioned the post. 

"What an example of kindness."

Some of the jobs her son had helped with included "passing little pavers," "taking pictures of blackbirds and spiders," and "saying 'why' more times than I have ever heard".

"Minus tax and national insurance," the boy was paid £10 (NZ$17) for his labour. 

The tweet has racked up over 200,000 likes and 22,000 shares, with people praising the builder's generosity and sense of humour. 

"This is lovely - what a kind man! Keeping him in mind for future projects - the builder, not your son!" one person replied. 

"This is so special, thoughtful and empowering, I am sure that your son as he gets older will reflect on that act of respectful kindness," wrote another. 

"He needs to join a union," another joked. 

But a fellow builder chipped in on the thread to say he didn't think the move was teaching good habits. 

"Construction sites are dangerous places and I've lost track of the number of times I've had to have stern words with customers that insist on letting their little darlings run around freely after already being asked nicely to stop them," he wrote.