Revealed: 20 baby names going out of fashion

Revealed: 20 baby names going out of fashion
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If you're trying to find a name for your baby that won't clash with five other classmates, take a look at some old favourites.

A once-popular name Kirsty has now become the most "at-risk" name, dropping 99.24 percent in popularity since 2000, according to a recent report in the UK.

Gift and greeting card company Flowercard has used data from the Office of National Statistics' (ONS) and revealed names that seemed to be falling out of popularity since 2000.

Lauren, which was in the top 20 names for girls in 2000 has dropped 98.02 percent in popularity.

Other girls' names at risk of going extinct include Jordan, Courtney, Gemma and Jade.

For boys, the names that have dropped in popularity include Mitchell and Keiran.

The name Mitchell dropped 96.71 percent since 2000.

Other endangered names include Scott, Kyle, Ben and Callum.

Top 10 most 'endangered' Girls' Names:

1. Kirsty

2. Jordan

3. Shauna

4. Shannon

5. Courtney

6. Lauren

7. Gemma

8. Jodie

9. Jade

10. Natasha

Top 10 most 'endangered' Boys' Names:

1. Mitchell

2. Kieran

3. Ross

4. Brandon

5. Craig

6. Ben

7. Jordan

8. Callum

9. Kyle

10. Scott

The ONS has also reported the most popular baby names in the UK and Wales for 2019, with Olivia and Oliver taking the reign.

George and Harry continue to top the chart for boys while Amelia and Isla have also moved its way up.

Top 10 Boys' Names:

1. Oliver

2. George

3. Noah

4. Arthur

5. Harry

6. Leo

7. Muhammad

8. Jack

9. Charlie

10. Oscar

Top 10 Girls' Names:

1. Olivia

2. Amelia

3. Isla

4. Ava

5. Mia

6. Isabella

7. Sophia

8. Grace

9. Lily

10 Freya