'They said it couldn't be done': New hashbrown pie melds two of the ultimate comfort foods

MacKenzie hash brown, back and egg pie.
Each hash brown is placed by hand into the pie. Photo credit: Supplied.

Back in 2018 when fast-food chain McDonald's placed both a beef patty and a hashbrown in a breakfast burger, I dubbed it the ultimate hangover cure. 

But now a new locally-made pie has come to potentially take the crown as New Zealand's ultimate hangover cuisine. 

Known usually for bread, baking company MacKenzie Country has created a new range of pies and its pièce de résistance has got to be the MacKenzie breakfast pie - it's got bacon, it's got egg, but more importantly, it has a hash brown baked inside the pie.

It baffles me that nobody thought of this beforehand, and combines two of my favourite things. 

MacKenzie spokeswoman Nina Turnbull says the company's break into the pie market is something it took extremely seriously. To bring the breakfast pie to market, the MacKenzie team went back to basics with a handmade technique for adding each hash brown.

"Is there really anything better than a hash brown wrapped in golden pastry?" Turnbull asks.

Other pies in the new range include more classic flavours like steak and cheese, steak mushroom and ale, roast veggie and mince and cheese. They can be found around in the country in most dairies and supermarkets.

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