'He cheated on me with his stepsister': People reveal the moment they knew their relationship was over

man woman angry in bed
A viral tweet is seeing women share their unbelievable break-up stories. Photo credit: Getty.

Relationships always go through ups and downs, and with the right amount of work, couples can get through almost anything. 

But a group of women are sharing the moment they knew it was time to "get out" - and some of them are absolute doozies. 

The revelations came after a recent viral tweet by SameolDuff, revealing the moment he knew it was time to leave his girlfriend. 

"When I let my ex carry a 40 pack of water up two flights of stairs, that's when I knew I didn't love her no more," he wrote earlier this month. 

He then added: "She sat down and took a break on the landing and I just walked around her." 

The savage tweet racked up over 200,000 likes and 21,000 shares - and was shared into Facebook group 'That's it, I'm MF spouse shaming', a group boasting over 21,000 members who criticise their partners. 

It inspired other people - mostly women - to start sharing their own, similar stories. 

Many contributors to the thread said their relationships ended after infidelity of an outrageous nature, including a man who cheated with his stepsister, and another who had sex with his wife's aunt - in the marital bed. 

To be fair, most of the tales told in the group were not as funny as the original tweet - in fact, some are horrifically sad. 

Here's a selection of the top hitters: 

  • "When he went away for three weeks for work and didn't tell me and then got angry at me when I told him I was hurt that he didn't even inform me or mention - it and it was my fault because I should just 'know these things."
  • "When I realised I didn't want to have sex with him anymore." 
  • "When his cheating on me didn't upset me anymore and felt almost like a relief."
  • "When he cheated on me with his stepsister." 
  • "He was playing Fortnite and I asked him to watch our son while I ate. I hadn't eaten all day - I was breastfeeding the baby so I was always very hungry. He threw his headset and got in my face and told me his game meant more to him than me or the baby."
  • "When he told me to 'shush' during labour. " 

It really puts that age-old argument over who's putting out the bin to shame.