Why you're probably washing your face too often

woman washing her face
If you start the day with a vigorous cleanse, you may be doing more harm than good. Photo credit: Getty.

With the weather heating up and our faces getting a little sweatier, you may be compensating with an extra-stringent skincare regime. 

But experts say while it may seem like overdoing it on the cleanser is the best way to counter acne-causing sweat and bacteria, you may actually be doing more harm than good. 

A-list facialist and skincare brand founder Kate Somerville told The Sun: "If your skin is oily or acne-prone, choose a cleanser with salicylic acid and only cleanse once a day. You don't want to dry out or irritate your skin."

It's a sentiment echoed by Athena Hewett, founder of skincare brand Monastery. She says if you begin the day with a vigorous face wash it may be time to place the bottle down - a morning cleanse is actually unnecessary. 

She told Allure: "There isn't a need to rewash our face in the morning as there isn't anything to remove such as makeup or sunscreen.

"The natural oil our bodies produce is good for our skin - it provides a first defence barrier for the external factors of the day."

In the evening, a two-step double cleanse is your best method. Begin with an oil or balm cleanser to wash away sunscreen and makeup from throughout the day - and then a water-based cleanser to tackle grease and oil from those soaring temperatures. 

If you have oily skin go for a gentle foaming option, and if your skin is more tight and dry, use a cream or gel. 

Then let your skin produce its natural oils overnight, all ready to help you glow in the morning.