Tinder's most swiped man offers his key piece of dating advice

He scored a record-breaking 14,600 matches in two years.
He scored a record-breaking 14,600 matches in two years. Photo credit: Instagram/ @itsstefan.

The most swiped man on Tinder has offered his key piece of advice for using the dating app, which he credits with helping make a record-breaking 14,600 matches.

Model and pilot Stefan Pierre earned the title 'Mr Tinder' in 2019 after the app released data revealing his incredible number of matches in just two years.

Now he's heading to Australia, telling Perth Now he's hoping to meet up with Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie.

"Margot Robbie I think is my ideal woman," Mr Tomlin told Perth Now.

"On a scale of one to 10, I'd definitely give her one!"

While he's also had interest from UK celebs including Katie Price and "a couple of Love Islanders", Pierre's number one piece of dating advice is not based on looks. 

According to News.com.au, Tomlin says it's definitely important to "have a bit of character on your bio". 

"There's no point in just being good looking in photos if you're bland to talk to. I always look for personality – someone who can have a laugh."

Pierre also revealed at some points on his dating journey he got the impression people only wanted to speak to 'Mr Tinder'.

"That didn't make it easy for me, in the sense of working out who genuinely liked me," he said.  

Sounds tough. We can only hope he has more luck in the Australian market.