How doughnut-enthusiast couple grew business from market stand to popular Auckland store Grown Up Donuts

Doughnuts come in all different shapes and sizes, loaded with delicious fillings, glazed, iced or even sprinkled. Although not essential to life, it has been suggested that they are very necessary. 

In the words of Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks: "Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it, don't wait for it, just let it happen". 

Today, maybe it's a doughnut. 

To find out the secret behind a delicious doughnut, Newshub visited the Grown Up Donuts kitchen to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of where their beloved doughy delicacies come to life. 

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You may be  wondering how one comes to be a doughnut shop owner. Surely they must love doughnuts, right? Well, that would be correct. 

Married doughnut-enthusiast couple Daniel Black and Annie Black once sampled doughnuts all over Auckland but they couldn’t find one that could compete with their homemade creations. 

Daniel recalls: "At the time there just really weren’t that many options, Annie had been making doughnuts and we thought lets try these out on the markets". 

So, armed with their doughnuts, they set up a market stand.

"It turned out that at the very first market we were swamped and we sold basically everything we had been able to take within about 40 minutes," Daniel said. 

After a lot of success at the markets, and a few unwelcome visitors, Daniel and Annie decided it was time to set up shop. 

“We started to build up a following of customers, we had so many people from the market saying to us I'm only here for these doughnuts. 

"We knew there was a problem when people were wandering into our kitchen to try and buy them once they found out where the kitchen was." 

The two of them established the Henderson kitchen. With growing popularity they had to learn to run a business as they expanded. 

"When we started it was just Annie and myself, we weren't that experienced when it came to making food in commercial quantities so we were starting as early as 12 to 1 am in the morning to get the doughnuts out for a market that wasn't starting until 10am the next morning. We quickly realised it was so busy we started to bring on some kitchen hands and then we took on some full-time bakers." 

Nowadays Grownup Donuts have two stores one in Henderson and the other in Wairau Valley where they make thousands of doughnuts a week. 

With all this contact with doughnuts, you might think surely Daniel and Annie would be sick of them by now - well, not quite. 

"Lots of people ask us that question 'are you sick of doughnuts?' I say to them 'no, absolutely not'. 

"I may not like being stuck in a car doing deliveries when all I can smell is doughnuts but certainly we still eat a doughnut now and again to check out how they are tasting and because we love doughnuts."