'Doing my head in': Seed or no seed? Avocado optical illusion leaves internet divided

avocado seed
Thousands are frustrated by the image, some saying it's "doing their head in". Photo credit: Facebook/Aldi Mums.

In what might be 2021's answer to the 'white and gold' or 'blue and black' dress, a photo of a halved avocado is leaving thousands divided - and increasingly frustrated. 

Avocado-lover Liana shared baffling the image on Facebook group 'Aldi Mums', asking fellow group members what they could see.

To the naked eye, the image appears to simply show a normal avocado half - but while to some it appears there is a large seed in the avocado, others see it as empty. 

Thousands of fellow mums took to the comments to give their opinion, with many saying it was "doing their head in".  

Can you see a seed in this avocado?
Can you see a seed in this avocado? Photo credit: Facebook/Aldi Mums.

"Looks like a seed on first glance but definitely no seed on second look," one person wrote. 

"I thought no seed but now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it," countered another. 

"This is making me want to throw my phone at the wall! I cannot decide," wrote a third, to which someone else agreed: "This is doing my head in". 

Many wrote that they could see both, depending on what they were looking for. 

To try and get to the bottom of the issue, one woman edited the picture to add a darker layer, which appeared to show a seed - but she "couldn't be sure". 

One woman added a darker layer to see if she could figure it out - but still "couldn't be sure".
One woman added a darker layer to see if she could figure it out - but still "couldn't be sure". Photo credit: Facebook/Aldi Mums.

Original poster Liana offered no conclusion, saying she could also "see both sides really well"

"So no seed, I can see avocado to the right that's been damaged from seed removal and has ended up inside the hole," she said.

"Then there's the seed side. I can see the seed too. The avocado stuck to the side of the seed on the right-hand side."

The 2021 avocado debate is similar to the infamous dress which "divided the world" in 2015, which was posted to Tumblr and quickly became an internet sensation as either white and gold or blue and black, depending on who viewed it.