Man reveals 'hack' for hiding apps on phone that will help people cheat on their partners

If you've been using this trick, your time might be up.
If you've been using this trick, your time might be up. Photo credit: Getty.

A TikTok user who shares helpful tech tips on his page has left some of his followers on edge with a recent video, showing a little-known hack for disguising apps on your phone. 

TikTok user Kaan has over 4 million followers on his account, where he documents cool phone tricks and tech hacks for students. 

But in a recent video, Kaan revealed you can change the name and symbols of apps on your phone, meaning you can easily hide the apps you have and use - including dating apps like Tinder. 

In the clip which has been viewed over 2 million times, Kaan shows how iPhone users can opt for the change using the 'disguise' function on the phone 'Short Cuts' app.

Kaan was able to change the name and image of his Tinder app, so it resembled the standard weather app. 

Unless you're using an event-planning app to plan a surprise party or proposal, there's pretty much only one worrying reason you'd use such a function - and commenters were quick to point it out. 

"Why are you teaching shady people to be more shady?" one person questioned. 

"Ok well now I'm about to click on all my man's apps," wrote another. 

"Not me about to start an issue with my boyfriend," joked a third. 

A much more palatable hack Kaan shared showed how to find a lost or forgotten password using your computer's HTML server - we'd recommend using that one if you're the jealous type.