New mum sparks online debate after worrying her baby's name 'too sexy'

The UK woman fretted it made her daughter sound like "a burlesque dancer".
The UK woman fretted it made her daughter sound like "a burlesque dancer". Photo credit: Getty.

Choosing the perfect name for your new baby has to be one of the bigger responsibilities out there. While some parents have a name picked from the moment they discover they're expecting, others like to wait and see what name their new little darling suits. 

But one UK woman's deliberation over her chosen child's name sparked an online debate over whether a baby's name could be considered "too sexy". 

She took to parenting forum Mumsnet to explain her dilemma, asking people for their thoughts on 'Ruby', which she worried became X-rated when teamed with their last name. 

"We are due a baby girl and have always loved the name Ruby, it has sentimental family connections... but coupled with our surname I'm just not sure," she wrote. 

"Her name would be Ruby Hart. Does she sound like a burlesque performer? Nothing wrong with that profession, but not sure I want it connected to a baby and would she be taken seriously as an adult?

"What do you think?"

Unexpectedly, the name prompted a fierce debate in the comments, with some fellow mothers praising the name and others saying she should steer clear.

"Yes sorry, Ruby Hart doesn't sound great. Sounds like a Playboy bunny or dancer," one woman wrote. 

"I think Ruby Hart does sound a bit 'take the first letter of your surname... to make your stripper name' things," another observed, before adding: "Sorry, you did ask!"

"Sexy is a weird way to describe it, I think it's a beautiful name but Ruby Hart to me does sound like a stage name. Still a nice name though," another wrote. 

However others thought the name had no sexual connotations. 

"I didn't think of burlesque or porn at all and even now it's been pointed out I don't see it [to be honest]!" wrote one fan. 

A second agreed, saying: "I think it's a perfectly fine and ordinary name."

There's no doubt it's probably a less controversial fit than some of Aotearoa's most declined baby names, released last year. 

That list included Pope, Justyce and Ford-Royale.