Woman making pregnant flatmate nauseous with cooking sparks online debate

How far is too far to cater to a pregnant woman?
How far is too far to cater to a pregnant woman? Photo credit: Getty.

If you're pregnant or you've ever been pregnant, you'll probably know how much a food aversion can physically affect you. 

I've heard anecdotal evidence of expectant mothers unable to be in the same room as meat cooking, or previous vegetarians and vegans turning their nose up at vegetables for months on end. 

But one US woman has raised an online debate over how far is too far to cater to someone else's pregnancy aversions after revealing her pregnant roommate seems to react to everything she eats.

She took to Reddit to ask for advice after her roommate began to develop nausea around "certain smells", including eggs, coffee and dog food. 

"These are smells that are usually in the apartment throughout the day as I have coffee multiple times a day, I eat eggs most mornings, and I have a dog," the woman posted.

The pregnant woman requested her flatmate begin feeding her dog in her bedroom, which she did. 

"Then as soon as I started cooking eggs that morning she got sick again," she added. "Then later in the day I made some coffee and she also got sick again."

Her roommate has now asked her to entirely change her routine. 

"She's asking me to drink iced coffee and make a bunch of cold hard-boiled eggs to eat throughout the week instead," the woman said. "However, I don't like cold coffee, especially during the winter, and I think cold eggs are gross." 

The woman said she was hesitant to change more of her daily routine to cater to her roommate's needs. 

"My roommate, however, says it's more unfair that she ends up locked in her room or the bathroom all day whenever I'm around and thinks I'm being a selfish asshole."

Opinion was divided in the comments, with some people saying the hideousness of constant nausea was more brutal than giving up some foods, while others pointed out there were solutions which didn't involve anyone being banned from things they enjoy.

"I'm currently pregnant and lots of smells send me vomiting... however, an hour in the bathroom is a really long time and concerning," observed one person. "I think she should contact her OB or midwife and ask what she can do for her nausea." 

"Nah. I've been pregnant twice and it's crazy how certain smells or even looking at certain foods can turn your stomach," wrote another. 

"She can't help what makes her sick but I know it's frustrating on your end. Are there any smells that don't bother her that she can put out in the main area of the apartment to cover the smells that do bother her? Peppermint is supposed to help with nausea."

Others pointed out that perhaps the woman shouldn't be living with a roommate. 

"There is a certain amount of accommodation that would be reasonable in this situation, and changing your food/ drink preferences for months is beyond what could be considered reasonable. If she wants total control over her environment she shouldn't live in shared accommodations," commented another person. 

"Your roommate is the one who is pregnant, not you. You didn't sign up for a pregnancy. At the same time, she might be limited in what she can do to avoid the triggers. I hope you are able to find a middle ground that works for you," wrote another.