Aussie woman says this unexpected product sitting in your bathroom is the best household cleaner

 She uses it to clean her bathroom, mirror - even her wedding ring.
She uses it to clean her bathroom, mirror - even her wedding ring. Photo credit: TikTok/@mamamila.

TikTok has certainly taught us a lot of cleaning hacks over the last year and many of them can be credited to Aussie TikTokker Chantel Mila.

Going by the username Mama Mila, she's amassed 4.7 million followers thanks to her videos showing how to get your household towels as fluffy as those at a spa, how to easily clean a stovetop and even how to elevate your charcuterie board.

Now in a video that's going viral, Mila has revealed her favourite product for cleaning is one that's probably sitting in your bathroom cupboard right now - shaving foam. 

In Mila's video she applies generous amounts of the foam into a microfibre cloth which she uses across the bathroom mirror, hard surfaces and even her wedding ring. 

The result is a smooth and shiny surface, which Mila says also resists fingerprints and steam fogging for longer.

The hack is ideal if you don't like using lots of harsh chemicals while scrubbing, and impressed commenters have vowed to give it a try. 

"I need this in my life so much!" one person wrote. 

"Thank you for this! I've been wondering how to defog my mirror and keep it streak-free!" another agreed.