OnlyFans: US millionaire demands ex-girlfriend return expensive gifts after learning she sold nudes

Stephen Cloobeck and Stefanie Gurzanski
Stephen Cloobeck and Stefanie Gurzanski Photo credit: Instagram/Twitter

A US millionaire who doted on his ex-girlfriend by buying her expensive gifts wants them back after claiming she was shooting "porn" in his house.

Stephen Cloobeck, 59, lavished Stefanie Gurzanski, 29, with more than $1 million in gifts during their whirlwind five-month relationship. But when he found out the model was posting on OnlyFans - a platform used primarily by sex workers to sell explicit pictures and videos - he demanded she give everything back.

But Gurzanski says Cloobeck knew about everything she was doing - even encouraging her.

"He loved it - he thought it was hot," she told Insider Edition.

"It was kind of like a routine. Everyday he would tell me how much he made on stocks and he would ask me how much I made on OnlyFans."

Cloobeck denies this allegation, saying Gurzanski is "reckless".

"Fictitious...she's a menace. She's a con."

Gurzanksi's lawyer, Arthur Barens, says that by asking for the gifts back, Cloobeck is trying to ruin her financially.

Cloobeck denies this, and says if she returns the gifts he will give them to charity.