Woman's mind-blowing tip for tightening jeans without a belt goes viral

Ditch the belt and try this move instead.
Ditch the belt and try this move instead. Photo credit: TikTok/@jordyn_acc.

All jeans lovers will know the tragedy of finding the perfect pair of jeans - before having them start to bag and sag in the waist. 

As a pear-shaped woman, this is my biggest struggle with jeans: they'll be fitted in the thigh but huge on me in the waist, meaning I'm forced to ruin the whole outfit with a belt. 

Luckily one woman has come to the rescue with a mindblowing hack showing how she tightens her jeans without a belt. 

In a recent video, TikTok user Jordyn replied to a follower asking how she managed to keep her jeans so fitted, without the need for expensive altering. 

In the clip - which has been viewed almost a million times - Jordyn simply loops her jeans button through the closest belt loop, before feeding it back through the buttonhole as normal. 

Her jeans then sit snug against her waist, while still sitting baggy against her thighs. 

Viewers couldn't believe how effective the hack was and quickly took the comments to praise the simplicity 

"That's literally genius," one woman wrote. 

"You just saved my life," wrote another. 

"OMG this was seriously so helpful," wrote another. 

But others joked that they wish they had need of the hack. 

"Make them tighter? Hun how do you make them wider?" one person asked. 

It's not the first fashion hack from social media to hit headlines recently - another taught how adding an ice cube to the dryer will dry your clothes wrinkle-free and it took the internet by storm.