TikTok user stunned as date invites 16 other men along to create her own 'Love Island'

The man was shocked to realise he was one of 16 men on the date.
The man was shocked to realise he was one of 16 men on the date. Photo credit: TikTok/@peakay81.

Dating can be a minefield at the best of times, but one UK man's recent experience turning up to realise he was part of an unexpected Bachelorette-esque group scenario was certainly unique. 

In a video that's been viewed over 250,000 times, the British TikTok user revealed he'd planned to meet up with a woman he'd been speaking to on Hinge, but upon arriving he was greeted by four other men also invited on the date. 

"As you guys know I'm pretty bad at dating, but I actually decided to go on a date for the first time in like a year and this is what happened - this is not a joke by the way," he says to the camera from the date's pub location. 

He then turns the camera to introduce another one of the 16 men who eventually ended up on the date. 

The woman then candidly tells the group: "I invited everyone that I matched with on Hinge, so here you all are. I hope you get along." 

In a series of follow-up videos, the man revealed he had a weird feeling about his interactions with the woman to begin with and attended the date with his "radar buzzing" - but he wasn't expecting the group scenario. 

"Guys just kept on coming over and over again," he revealed. 

He added he felt "fortunate" to get there early as he at least got a conversation in.

Commenters couldn't believe the woman's bold move and were split on whether it was genius or just plain crazy. 

"Has she just created her own wee Love Island?" one commenter asked.

"I don't know if I'm jealous of this move, or it's insane," said another.