Vegan activist Tash Peterson accuses children's party pony handlers of 'blatant slavery', 'animal abuse'

Vegan activist Tash Peterson attacked a group of children's entertainers at a family festival for dressing ponies up for children to ride. 

The controversial animal rights campaigner accused party entertainers of 'enslaving' the ponies while masquerading them to be unicorns at a holiday festival in Perth on Saturday. 

According to 7 News, 27-year-old Peterson shouted at Ponies For any Occasion staff they were committing "animal abuse" and "this is slavery" in front of visably shocked children who were enjoying pony rides. 

Ponies For any Occasion owner Meg Freeman threatened to call security while pleading with Peterson to leave the area. Eventually police showed up and told Peterson to move on. 

The heated debate between Peterson, her boyfriend and a pony handler was posted to Facebook by Peterson. 

"'But they are treated like royalty!' is no different to a slave owner saying 'I treat my slaves well, therefore it is okay for me to use them for my own pleasure/profitable gain'," Peterson wrote in the lengthy caption.

"Regardless of what scale they are loved and cared for; using them for profit and someone else's pleasure is SLAVERY," she added.

Unlike other protests of Peterson's, this one was unplanned and came about on a casual day out to the beach with her boyfriend, according to 7News

"Today was a hot and intensely humid day with a lot of smoke in the air due to a fire, and these beings were being subjugated to being entertainment for children in their faces taking photos all day long," she wrote. 

"There is a difference between companion animals who are not being used for profit and animals who are used for someone else's. Animals are not slaves, machines, food, objects, commodities or entertainment". 

According to The West Australian, Ponies For Any Occasion owner Meg Freeman said her animals  were rostered on a rotation so they would go for weeks without working. 

Tash Peterson has made headlines in the past for her anti-meat protests.