'Full animal': Kiwi man's bizarre way of eating Marmite toast horrifies internet

vegemite toast
This makes the old 'Vegemite or Marmite' debate look like nothing. Photo credit: Getty.

One of the more personal decisions someone can make is whether they prefer Marmite or Vegemite on their toast - for the record, I'm team Vegemite all the way. 

But now one New Zealand man has shocked Reddit with an unusual way of eating his Marmite toast, which was witnessed by a horrified co-worker. 

"A guy at work was sat on the beanbag with Marmite on toast and a cup of tea," the writer began in their post on the New Zealand sub-Reddit, 

"Now, what follows may shock some of you to the core, so reader beware. 

"He was dipping his marmite on toast into his tea and taking bites like he was eating a goddamn Gingernut biscuit. 

"When queried on this frankly strange behaviour, he claimed that it wasn't very weird and that a lot of people do it."

The man added his post by querying: "Do any of you do this? Do you know someone that does this?"

tea and toast
"Call The Hague, that's a f**ken' war crime." Photo credit: Getty.

The question was answered by the resounding 'no' of the comments

"What the actual f**k. No, dude," one person wrote. 

"Full animal. Has he no teeth?," another questioned. 

Others thought about it for more than one second, before giving their answer. 

"That's a strange one to me. Both are delicious on their own but dunking toast into tea? Wouldn't that make it super soggy and gross? Defeats the purpose of toast," someone else pointed out. 

"Call The Hague, that's a f**ken' war crime," wrote another. 

Others chipped in with weird foodie habits they've witnessed.

"A lot of women at my work dunk their peanut butter toast in their coffee," one person offered.