Man mocked for claiming he can't trust his girlfriend's judgement due to her 'ugly exes'

He said it made him feel "insecure" about his own appearance.
He said it made him feel "insecure" about his own appearance. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Many of us have hangups over the people our partners used to date.

Maybe they are successful in their jobs, get along well with the in-laws or perhaps they were together longer than you have been.

But one US man had an unexpected take on his girlfriend's ex-partners, for which he's been mocked after turning to the internet for advice.

Taking to Reddit, the 28-year-old man claimed he felt he could no longer trust his girlfriend's judgement because he thought her ex-partners were all ugly. 

The man explained he and his girlfriend had been together for 18 months and he knew she had two ex-boyfriends' and two ex-girlfriends.

But he said when looking at photos of his partner's ex-girlfriend he was "taken off guard". 

"[She] is not attractive at all," he observed, before doubling down. 

"My girlfriend is like an 8 or 9 out of 10 and always looks amazing so it just surprised me she would date someone for so long who looked like that. 

"She says [the ex] was/is a sweet person and I believe her and I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just imagined something different.

"But then out of curiosity, I asked if she could show me her other exes and so she did, we just looked at their profile pictures."

He said one of his partner's ex-boyfriend "looks like a scrawny teenager" and another "has a really big face and weird teeth". The other ex-girlfriend he described as "very overweight". 

"My [girlfriend] noticed my confusion and she took big offence to it and says she dates people for how they make her feel and not how they look and how personality is attractive to her and I agree that those are the important things," the man explained. 

"But I did say that now I'm feeling insecure about my own looks because she calls me handsome or tells me I look good but now I just can't believe it.

"Because now I know her standards aren't really that high where before I was feeling I guess kind of proud to get a girlfriend who looks so put together. But now it doesn't really mean anything."

If he was hoping for some constructive feedback, he was in for a disappointment. 

Instead, the internet firmly dubbed him an asshole. 

"It sounds like you're really attractive. I can tell because your girlfriend, who sounds lovely by the way, has dated other people for their personality but chose to date you for your looks," one person wrote. 

"Which must be spectacular to make up for the fact that you're an asshole."

"It kinda sounds like you got an ego boost from dating someone you think is very physically attractive, and thinking that meant that you are, too. This is a 'you' problem, not a 'her' problem," wrote another. 

A third commented: "You're being judgmental because she doesn't date to your standards. It's obvious she places a high value on a person's personality and the way you're acting doesn't put yours in a very good light."