Skinny jeans officially dead as one 70s style makes huge comeback

They've reigned supreme in the denim world for more than a decade and have been re-invented time and time again.

But now your beloved 'can only just squeeze into them' skinny jeans might not be the most fashionable. 

You heard it here - almost first - skinny jeans are officially dead!

Instead, shoppers are looking for variation when it comes to their denim and something a tad roomier.

Owner of Auckland jeans store Route 66 Todd Male says the change happened gradually. 

"Straight fit started, and then it just went wider and wider to super-loose, high and loose, cropped and wide."

There's one style, in particular, that's making a comeback and you might still have a pair tucked away from the 70s.

Male says flared jeans are selling "so fast" he can't keep up. 

"We've sold out of denim flares, and I think we've got one pair of cord flares left!"

So it's pretty much official, skin-tight denim has been switched out for something a little looser, or flared. 

How do Kiwi denim wearers feel about that? Newshub spoke to some who think skinny jeans are still cool: 

"We've been having this debate recently! Yeah, we talked about this last week! Still cool but not if you're a Gen-Z-er." 

"Cool! Cool!"

"Yeah, I still wear them! yeah, they're cool."

While others had to disagree: "Ummm not cool."

Hot or not, the best advice is to wear what you love, and feel good in. 

"Style is our own personality, that's how we speak to the world every day, so this is about really taking the ownership of 'what do I like?' 'do I really love them?' 'do they look great on me?' and that's about standing in that changing room and fully trusting your gut," explains fashion stylist Lou Heller.

So if your heart says 'skinny jeans' then maybe don't throw them in that heap at the back of the wardrobe just yet.