Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson banned from every pub in Western Australia

Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson banned from every pub in Western Australia
Photo credit: Instagram / Tash Peterson

A controversial vegan activist has been banned from every pub in Western Australia after storming a restaurant and chastising patrons about the "fish holocaust".

Perth local Tash Peterson, 27, said she'd been served a notice banning her from all licenced premises in the state. If she does set foot in a restaurant, pub, or club, she could be charged with trespassing and handed a A$10,000 (NZ$10,778) fine.

Peterson says the ban came after her protest in May where she accosted diners at a seafood restaurant in Bathers Beach and accused them of being complicit in a "fish holocaust".

"Right now, in this moment, there are billions of fish, dolphins, whales and other marine animals being ripped from the ocean, in massive trawler nets and they are suffocating to death," she said during the protest.

"This is the largest holocaust in history."

Taking to Instagram, she says the police hand-delivered her the notice.

"I've woken up again to the police knocking on my door," she says.

"Anything that sells liquor, I'm not allowed into or I'll be charged for trespass.

"This is not an alcohol-related incident.

"I wasn't drunk. I barely drink alcohol. They're just using it to try to stop me protesting."

But Peterson says the banning will have little impact on her because she plans to leave Western Australia.

"Guess what WA, I'm getting the f**k out of here anyway, so I can continue to do my protesting in other states in places that sell alcohol because this ban only applies in Western Australia."

She believes the notice is being used to "silence activists" and has plans to appeal it, despite her plans to leave the state.

The 27-year-old adds that barring notices and fines only encourage her to continue protesting.

"It's insane the number of places that I've been banned from and the charges I've received for trying to create awareness about an animal holocaust ... things like this are not going to stop me and it's only going to fuel my fire to continue protesting."

Peterson is no stranger to questionable protests. She's previously dressed in bloody aprons and stormed supermarkets and restaurants, including a McDonald's.

She also ran onto the field during an Aussie Rules game at Perth Stadium. She ran around the pitch for about a minute before she was tackled by a player and security caught up with her.

After that incident, she fronted court and was fined A$1800 (NZ$1939) for trespassing.