'Mirroring', how they walk: The body language signs that show your date is attracted to you

couple on successful date
Non-verbal cues can be even more telling than what your date is saying. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Whether you've met on an app, been set up by friends, or had one of those chance cafe meetings which often happen in films but rarely in reality, a first date can be confusing at the best of times. 

Sometimes it feels like things are going swimmingly, your chat's been on point, drinks and conversation are flowing... and then at the end they tell you they'd prefer to be friends or just ghost you. 

So how can you tell if your date actually likes you? 

UK body language expert Inbaal Honigman has given The Mirror 10 of her top non-verbal cues to tell if your date is actually into you.  

All of them are explained in the original article, but here are four of her key things to watch out for. 

Arm positioning

How your date positions their arms can be a key indication of how they're feeling, whether they're on guard or relaxed. 

"Crossed arms show a secret-keeper and someone on the defence," says Honigman. "Make sure to keep an eye out for hand-in-pockets, as this might mean hand-on-phone!"  

The ideal positioning is for someone’s arms to be nice and relaxed by their side. 


You want to see nice open posture from your companion, and if they're turning their body to face you, it could be a sign that the date is going well. 

"Be sure to check if they mirror your stance as this will tell you if they want to impress you," says Honigman. 

"We're not looking for someone to be overly familiar and too close, but a bit of obvious attraction is a sign you've pulled.

Walking style

Just like Goldilocks, you don't want your date to be lagging behind or moving too fast - a compatible walking style shows things are just right. 

"Compatible couples fall in step, walking at the same pace and striding similar lengths," says Honigman

"You're definitely not looking for someone who runs ahead and leaves you behind."


Laughter is the best medicine - and also the sign that someone likes you, especially if they laugh at your worst jokes.  

At the very least, genuine laughter is a good sign that your date is having fun with you, and it could mean that they're feeling their sense of attraction towards you grow.

"We're always on our best behaviour in a romantic setting, trying to impress," says Honigman. "Listen to the sounds - anyone who laughs with wild abandon, spluttering and snorting, tears in their eyes - you can be sure you’ve got their heart."