US couple with 37 year age gap hit back at TikTok 'haters' criticising their relationship

"King" Quran and his girlfriend Cheryl say they have "unconditional" love for each other, despite the 37 year age gap.
"King" Quran and his girlfriend Cheryl say they have "unconditional" love for each other, despite the 37 year age gap. Photo credit: Tik Tok

A couple have gone viral on TikTok for their dancing videos , but also because they have a 37 year age gap between them.

American man "King" Quran, 23, and his girlfriend Cheryl, 60, regularly post videos of themselves participating in dance trends, kissing and cuddling. 

The pair's unconventional age gap has amassed them almost 1 million followers on the video-sharing app combined, but not everyone is a fan. 

TikTok users have commented their doubt of the relationship, with users suggesting there must be money involved. 

"This is not right, are you using her for money or something… this can't be real," one person said. 

"Now we all know you're just there for the life insurance," another person commented. 

According to the New York Post, many users had labelled the relationship "disgusting" and shamed the 60-year-old's "wrinkly, decomposing" face.

However, the couple seems unphased by the nasty comments, and are continuing to post videos, with one captioned "couple goals for all of 2021" and say they have "unconditional" love for each other. 

In one video responding to the cruel comments, Quran throws a mop and broom at the camera, with the caption reading: "Me defending my girl in the comments section." 

Cheryl also had her own message for those who took issue with her age. 

"You don't judge a book by its cover," she said in a recent TikTok livestream. 

"Looks have nothing to do with it, we're given our looks. How can we help what we look like? The best thing is our heart. 

"He treats me good, I treat him good, what's everyone concerned about?"

In one video watched over 4.2 million times, it becomes clear both of their families approve of their relationship, despite Cheryl's seven children all being older than her 23-year-old boyfriend. 

Despite the many trolls the couple have gained, they also have a large amount of fans, and receive kind and supportive comments as well as hate.

"People are mean, you guys are adorable, don't let people ruin you - it's not fun," one commenter said. 

"So sorry y'all have to experience that kind of negativity! Y'all deserve happiness just like anyone else does!"