Watch: Auckland's Avondale College sets NZ's 'promposal' standard on social media

Students from an Auckland college are setting a high standard for other Kiwi schools with their elaborate, romantic ball proposals posted to social media. 

Known as a 'promposal' in the US, the gesture has been popular since the early 2000s according to the Washington Post. 

The introduction of social media has boosted the promposal hype, with teens across the globe posting videos of their classmates asking each other to the ball or prom - an exercise that usually involves rose petals, red carpets, signs and PDA. 

In New Zealand, Auckland's Avondale College seems to be taking the lead with ball proposals. A TikTok account shows four different promposals taking place this year at the school. 

The first clip posted in May shows teens crowing the school's entrance holding balloons before a lucky lady is led towards a boy holding a sign that reads "ball?" 

In the latest instalment, which has amassed more than 130,000 views and 26,000 likes, a red carpet is rolled out, students line the pathway with red and purple balloons and soon enough a girl (who probably feels like an absolute queen) is led towards her Prince Charming. 

As she walks down the red carpet she collects white roses from students dotted along the way. At the end of the carpet, she comes face-to-face with her future ball date who romantically gets down on one knee and presents her with a purple bouquet. 

A crowd of students erupt into screams of excitement as she says "yes" agreeing to go to the ball with him. The happy couple then walks off under the overcast Auckland sky, towards the school field. 

"Are they getting married or going to the ball?," asks one TikTok user in the comment section. 

"This is like the second Avondale prom proposal I've seen… is it a competition happening?" another wonders. 

There are two more equally elaborate ball proposal videos posted to the account. One student even asks a girl to ball by writing "ball?" in rose petals on the floor of the school gym - a basketball court has never looked more romantic. 

Avondale College's ball is set for July 3.